Friday, June 8, 2012

Movie Review: "Prometheus"

Certain ideas are interesting in theory, such as having Ridley Scott (director of the original Alien) return to direct an Alien-prequel, called Prometheus.  Alas, certain ideas, such as this one, are already setting themselves up for disappointment. 

The fact of the matter isn't that Scott and company do not have a story filled with original ideas, it's that the story falls into cliche, horror/action territory, trying to pigeon-hole itself as a prequel to Alien, rather than being its own film.  For example, the idea of aliens coming to Earth and creating humans, is an intriguing kind of sci-fi concept that hasn't been committed to celluloid before, however, once the explorers reach the mysterious planet that may harbor all the clues as to where we came from, the film sees fit to play all the same cards as the original Alien.  An android with ulterior motives, a questionable mega corporation mogul, tons of crazed monsters running around killing, and a female scientist having to become a hero.  The problem is, all of these things have been done, over and over again before, to much better results. 

There is a lifelessness to this film about discovering where life originated.  It feels as if it's going through all of the motions, trying to put all of the pieces into place for the next installment, rather than innovating and being something truly original.  If this film were not beholden to the Alien franchise, I believe Prometheus would not only be a different film, but possibly even a better film, but unfortunately it is what it is, and I just cannot recommend it.

I give Prometheus an F

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