Friday, June 1, 2012

Movie Review: "Snow White and the Hunstman"

This movie just got on my nerves.  The film tries to reinvent the Snow White fairy tale by further exploring the relationship between Snow White and the Huntsman, the man sent by the evil Queen to kill her, but he lets her go instead.  First and foremost, I don't buy Kristen Stewart as the essence of purity and innocence, aka Snow White.  Then, turning Snow White into a warrior princess?  Come on.  While the effects team do a marvelous job at building the fairy tale world, and actor Chris Hemsworth is awesome as the Huntsman, the film is just a cluttered mess.  There is very little character development, with one wondering what the relationship between Charlize Theron's evil Queen, and her grovelling brother, truly is.  Then, adding insult to injury, the dwarves are never fully distinguished from one another, marking this as a film not worth seeing.

I give Snow White and the Huntsman an F

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