Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie Review: "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a heartwarming tall tale that requires some suspension of disbelief, and a firm understanding that in movies, things don't always have to make logical sense. 

Jim and Cindy Green are a young married couple who learn that they can't have children.  One night, they write down all the things that they would want their child to be, and bury them in a box in the garden, when a freak rain storm comes and a child grows out of the ground, named Timothy, harboring all the traits that they wished for in a kid.  There's just two other things to know about Timothy, one, he is the most optimistic person you'll ever meet, and two, he has a bunch of leaves growing from his ankles.  If you're able to buy into this concept, then you will thoroughly enjoy what follows.  This is one of those films that if you think too hard about things such as child services and whatnot, you wont receive the real message of this film, and it's about understanding the precious little things in life, no matter how shortly we may have them. 

I absolutely loved this film.  I loved the concept, and the execution.  It reminded me of a Frank Capra-fairy tale.  A film that is about the good of humanity, yet it doesn't sugar coat it.  There are ups-and-downs in life, not everything is always peachy, and writer/director Peter Hedges manages to illustrate that with poetic beauty. 

Bottom line, the acting is marvelous, especially from CJ Adams, with the right mixture of wisdom and boyish enthusiasm as Timothy, and the cinematography from John Toll captures the colors of Fall through his lens in almost each and every shot.  Not to mention, this is just a film unlike any you'll ever see, and for that it's worth seeing.  It isn't for everyone, but I absolutely loved it.

I give The Odd Life of Timothy Green an A+

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