Saturday, August 11, 2012

The 100 Greatest Films of All-Time

Every single time another Greatest Films of All-Time list comes out everyone on the internet sees fit to create their own list.  Why is this?  Because what may have been found as the general consensus Greatest Films of All-Time amongst a bunch of critics or industry folk, are not everyone's opinion as to what the Greatest Films of All-Time are.

Each person has a different Greatest Films of All-Time list, while there may be certain films that are more prone to finding their ways onto filmgoers' lists, there is no steadfast Greatest Films of All-Time list because what truly are the Greatest Films of All-Time is up to you, and it's up to me.  What I think are the Greatest Films of All-Time aren't what anyone reading this will think, but since I love lists, and I'm feeling the fever that every other person on the internet is feeling -- since the every 10-year Sight & Sound list sent everyone into a frenzy -- I've decided to compile my own Greatest Films of All-Time list, and I've decided to go further than I've ever gone with a list before -- the Top 100!

This list induced many headaches, but was worth it.  Now, to clarify, whenever I do such lists, I always refrain from including any movie that came out within the past year, seeing as how the movie is too new for me to know where it really stands.  As well, I don't give rankings away based upon innovation or how important a film was to movie history, I place each movie honestly, based upon how I feel about it.  From beholden childhood favorites, to awesome blockbusters, to recently discovered timeless classics, all the way to some foreign flicks that are worth seeing for their visual mastery. My hope is that if you're reading this, that you will see some movies on this list that you might have never heard of before and that you decide to look them up on the internet and even wind up buying them or watching them on Netflix.  Every movie on this list is worth it, and to preface, I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy/superhero nut, so don't be surprised by their domination.  So with that said, here are what I believe to be the 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

100.  Remember the Titans
99.  The Three Amigos
98.  War of the Worlds (2005)
97.  Pirates of the Caribbean:  The Curse of the Black Pearl
96.  King Kong (2005)
95.  Casino Royale
94.  The Thin Man
93.  Star Wars - Episode I:  The Phantom Menace
92.  Jungle 2 Jungle
91.  The Fountain

90.  Flipped
89.  Batman Forever
88.  Ponyo
87.  The Santa Clause
86.  Newsies
85.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off
84.  Home Alone
83.  Bonnie & Clyde
82.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
81.  12 Angry Men

80.  Rashomon
79.  A Night at the Opera
78.  Lifeboat
77.  High Noon
76.  Stranger Than Fiction
75.  On the Waterfront
74.  Inception
73.  Sunset Boulevard
72.  Avatar
71.  Saving Private Ryan

70.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
69.  Superman II
68.  That Thing You Do!
67.  The Grapes of Wrath
66.  Spider-Man 2
65.  Terminator 2:  Judgment Day
64.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
63.  Patriot Games
62.  The Departed
61.  Empire of the Sun

60.  Slumdog Millionaire
59.  Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
58.  North by Northwest
57.  Catch Me If You Can
56.  The Prestige
55.  The Matrix
54.  The Usual Suspects
53.  X-2:  X-Men United
52.  The Hidden Fortress
51.  Whisper of the Heart

50.  Lost Horizon
49.  Batman (1989)
48.  Johnny English
47.  (500) Days of Summer
46.  Roman Holiday
45.  Secondhand Lions
44.  Air Force One
43.  The Dark Knight
42.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
41.  Superman:  The Movie

40.  American Graffiti
39.  It's a Wonderful Life
38.  Departures
37.  Notorious
36.  Spider-Man
35.  Seven Samurai
34.  Harvey
33.  Redbeard
32.  The Incredibles
31.  The Apartment

30.  Hot Fuzz
29.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind
28.  The Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King
27.  Batman:  Mask of the Phantasm
26.  Psycho (1960)
25.  Spirited Away
24.  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
23.  The Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers
22.  Singin' in the Rain
21.  One Wonderful Sunday

20.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
19.  My Neighbor Totoro
18.  Back to the Future
17.  Princess Mononoke
16.  Rear Window
15.  Jaws
14.  The Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Ring
13.  Casablanca
12.  Arsenic & Old Lace
11.  Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

10.  Batman Begins
9.  Howl's Moving Castle
8.  Raiders of the Lost Ark
7.  Jurassic Park
6.  Star Wars
5.  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
4.  E.T.:  The Extra-Terrestrial
3.  Return of the Jedi
2.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
1.  The Empire Strikes Back

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