Monday, October 1, 2012

Seth MacFarlane Will Host the Oscars

It's official, next year's Academy Awards have their Oscar host, and it is comedian Seth MacFarlane, writer/director of the hit comedy Ted and creator of the TV shows Family Guy and American Dad.  Perhaps Seth MacFarlane will be a good Oscar host, but I've never seen anything from his body of work to allude to him being a perfect fit for the show.  While MacFarlane can be funny, his humor tends to be crass, political, and often lacking the touch of class that one needs to host the Oscars.  The Academy Awards is a celebration of film, honoring the legacy and tradition of cinema by welcoming new classics into the fold, and an attempt to make them hip and draw in younger viewers is not what the show is or should be about.  It's about cinema, a night of just good-natured fun, and nothing more, cynical jokes shouldn't have a place at the Oscars.  MacFarlane will really have to curb his humor and step up to the plate as classy as he can be in order to win me over.  Do I think he has it in him?  Yes.  I think MacFarlane can be funny, and has been very often in the past, but the producers will need to keep him on a short leash in order for him to work.  Of course, that's just my thoughts:  What does anyone else think?  Sound off in the comments section with your own ideas.

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