Friday, February 1, 2013

Movie Review: "Warm Bodies"

Warm Bodies is an interesting zombie movie that tries to answer the central question:  Can zombies find love?  It's a funny premise, one that is entertaining to watch unfold, but in order for the filmmakers to make it work and give it a Hollywood ending, they kind of go against the grain of what we always have known about zombies.

Nicholas Hoult plays R, a zombie who falls in love with a human girl, portrayed by Tersea Palmer.  R takes Palmer's character back to his home inside a derelict airplane and tries to woo her.  These are the film's best moments, where we as the audience hear R's human thoughts, but all he can do is act and talk like a zombie.  Where the movie starts to lose its momentum is when all of the zombies start turning back into humans because R's love with this human has sparked their hearts to come alive once again.  I know the whole idea of zombies is farfetched, but this is really making serious logic jumps even in the zombie world.  If these zombies were created through disease or nuclear radiation, love can't just cure them of these things.  They'd need a medical cure as well.

Honestly, this is just me being nitpicky, because the real take away from Warm Bodies is that it's a fresh and original comedy, that features a spectacularly heartfelt performance from star Nicholas Hoult, even if he is playing a zombie.

I give Warm Bodies a B!

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