Friday, March 8, 2013

Christopher Nolan to Direct "Interstellar"

Writer/director Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception) has had his name circling the upcoming sci-fi film, Interstellar, for some time now.  It's been known that Nolan has been toying with the idea of making this his next film for at least the past three or four months, but now it's official, Interstellar will be Christopher Nolan's next film.

To be released on November 7, 2014, the film will be co-produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. (Nolan's home over the past decade or so).  A few years back, Steven Spielberg was initially attached to the film, working with physicist Kip Thorne to create a film about Thorne's theories on wormholes and how that could relate to interstellar travel.  At that time, Spielberg commissioned Jonathan Nolan, screenwriting brother of Christopher, to write a film around the ideas that Thorne had proposed.  In all honesty, news has been very mum on this film since.  All that was known was about a year ago Spielberg left the project, but then news broke a few months ago that Christopher Nolan had been working out a revised version of the script with his brother, making this his next film, and now it's official.

To call Christopher Nolan anything other than one of the most creative individuals in Hollywood history, would be wrong.  While I was dissatisfied with his last film, The Dark Knight Rises, I love pretty much every other film he's ever made and am thrilled to see him delving back into original territory after doing so many adaptations over the past few years.  Inception was his last original film, and if that film proved anything, is that Nolan could make thought-provoking sci-fi films that are also highly entertaining, and I expect nothing less from Interstellar.  While little is known about the story other than the released logline of the film, stating that it will, "depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding," it's safe to assume that the film will fit in comfortably with Nolan's already established filmography, balancing blockbuster thrills with thought.

Honestly, this seems like a logical move for Nolan.  He's hot right now, he literally could make anything he wants, and I think he realizes that and is striking while the iron is hot, making these big budget thinking man's films that had he not done his three Batman films, no studio would have entrusted so much money to do.  Not to mention, Nolan is a gigantic fan of Stanley Kubrick, who directed 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Nolan has spoken on many occasions about how he'd love to make a film like 2001 someday.  While I find 2001 boring, I think Nolan has enough sense of adventure to make something that wont be.  We'll see when Interstellar hits in 2014.  For the full look at the press release, check out this link.

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