Friday, August 23, 2013

Movie Review: "The World's End"

For me personally, Hot Fuzz was one of the single greatest comedies ever made, so anything that follows it would be a let down.  The World's End fails to live up to the prior highs that the trio of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost, managed to give us with Shaun of the Dead, and most importantly, Hot Fuzz.  In the film, Pegg portrays Gary King, an obnoxious sort who simply wants to relive the glory days with his four childhood friends, who have all moved on in life without him.  How does Gary plan on doing this?  By completing the epic pub crawl that he and his friends failed to complete when they were teenagers.  However, when they return to their hometown, they find it has been taken over by robots bent on world domination.  It's a premise that seems ripe with potential, and as far as the character arcs go, co-screenwriters, Wright and Pegg, make it work, but there is a serious lack of memorable moments.  There was never any line of dialogue or moment that topped anything that the trio had previously done in their other two films together, and that's the thing, The World's End just feels like a tired exercise.  Not to mention the fact that the film takes far too long to finally get to the most enjoyable parts, which is the robot bashing action, with us not getting our first clue about the bots till over a half hour into the film.  All in all, The World's End is well made, and you can't help but laugh at what this trio have concocted, but it is a let down.

I give The World's End a D+!

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