Friday, August 9, 2013

Review Roundup - Aug. 9, 2013

Boy, oh, boy.  2013 has been a real lackluster year at the movies so far.  Even the movies that I've given the highest ratings have all had some little thing about them that I didn't like.  Even my favorite movie of the year so far, Star Trek Into Darkness, fell victim.  I did not particularly like how the villain was beaten at the end of the movie, and for that I still prefer the more optimistic and complete first film from 2009.  I really need 2013 to step up its game, because I'm beginning to get a bad case of movie depression. 

I need to see a great movie that is 100% amazing, and not just 98% or 99%.  Where are The Avengers when you need them?  Oh, right, they wont be back till Summer 2015.  At least we're getting Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on TV starting Sept. 24th to tide us over till Thor returns to the bigscreen in November.  As it is, that's enough ranting for one day, the true point of this post is that I have reviewed five films and have presented links to the five films below.

The films are Mud, Red 2, The Wolverine, 2 Guns, and Elysium.  I've been fairly busy with work for the last month or so and my movie reviews kind of got backlogged, but I've finally reviewed the last five 2013 releases I've seen, therefore enjoy...


Red 2

The Wolverine

2 Guns


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