Friday, September 13, 2013

Movie Review: "The Spectacular Now"

Director James Ponsoldt's film, The Spectacular Now, is a film that tries to be more than its material actually allows it to be, ultimately taking itself far more seriously than the material allows, making the final act of the film fairly melodramatic.  In the film, actor Miles Teller portrays Sutter, a hard-partying high school Senior who gives no thoughts to his future, and then he starts dating nice girl Aimme, portrayed by Shailene Woodley, and of course complications ensue and Sutter's views on life are challenged.  If you are a fan of Ponsoldt's previous directorial efforts, you will probably find much to enjoy here, but if you aren't, you will be disappointed, especially considering the film festival buzz that came off this one.  The thing isn't that The Spectacular Now is a poorly made film, it is well acted and well shot, with some truly phenomenal single take scenes, but the film's lack of humor and overseriousness, not only makes the film exceptionally depressing, but it also makes the film traipse into cliche and melodrama near the end in order to try and make stakes out of the story.  Ultimately, for a film with so much hype and talent, for it to feel so scripted and not realistic when the emotional beats most matter, it makes this a film that is really only worth viewing for admirers of great acting.

I give The Spectacular Now a D!

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