Friday, October 4, 2013

Movie Review: "Gravity"

What more can be said about director Alfonso Cuaron's masterpiece, Gravity, that hasn't already been written by almost every single other person that writes about movies on the planet?  In the film, Sandra Bullock portrays Dr. Ryan Stone, a first time astronaut on a routine space mission that turns to disaster when she is disconnected from her space shuttle by space debris.  It's one of those amazing films that has you thinking the whole time:  How did they do that?  The combination of the real with the computer generated is so seamless, that you can never tell what's physical and what isn't, because it all looks so real.  To say that this film lives up to the hype would be an understatement, so as I sit here writing, adding to the neverending parade of noise surrounding this film, I figured I'd take an atypical approach with this review.  I'm going to sum up what I thought about Gravity in a game of word association, rather than going into depth on the story and how emotionally powerful it is on all of the base human emotions, from fear to a will to live, because otherwise I could keep writing all day long.  So, without anymore preamble, here's what I really thought of Gravity:

Space -- Beautiful.
Alfonso -- Genius.
Sandra -- Phenomenal.
Disaster -- Suspenseful.
Humanity -- Triumphant.
Oscar -- Guaranteed.

I give Gravity an A+!

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