Monday, January 19, 2009

Time travel Lost style.

It is hard to believe that ABC's hit television show Lost is on its fifth season, with only one more to follow after that (34 episodes to be exact.  It seems like just yesterday that our favorite Losties arrived on the mysterious island.  I miss those good old days when the monster, the others, and the hatch were so shrouded in mystery that you felt as lost as the survivors of 815.  Well, if the promos for the new season are any indication, then we may get to revisit some of those mysterious locals and revisit old friends via time travel.  In the new promo, we see what looks like the old hatch, the beach plane, and what appears to be the old Dharma folks on the island. Now, from what I understand, the writers of the show are pretty confident that they have written a solid and believable form of time travel.  As any good geek knows, time travel is a major part of many of our favorite science fiction stories, and as good geeks we know that time travel can be a potential death sentence for stories that we all hold dear. Take NBC's Heroes.  I really do like this show, and it has been very good to me as a way to pass the time till Lost comes back on, but besides the fact that it is riddled with plot holes it abuses the concepts of time travel.  Besides Hiro constantly trying to change every instance of bad fortune that happens to the heroes, it is always to convenient on how time is altered or not altered. The writers of Heroes seem to be writing without any real rules.  As a die hard fan of Lost, it does worry me to know that time travel will be such a major element of the show.  Mainly because it is so hard to 

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