Monday, October 4, 2010

Adventures of a Movie Theater

I recently got a job working at a new movie theater in Irondale, AL, called The Edge, and it has been an adventure so far. First customer to barf was the other night, which I knew was bound to happen eventually, but what has me most intrigued about having this particular job, is getting to see free movies, and lots of them, so expect lots more reviews in the near future. But what's very exciting about this theater, is that this particular theater is wanting to cater to all movie-going crowds, so the theater is not just showing crowd-pleasing blockbusters, but they're also showing little known Indies, foreign films, and maybe even some documentaries. The theater is already playing Robert Duvall-starrrer Get Low alongside movies like Easy A, Let Me In, and the foreign pic, The Girl Who Played With Fire. They're really trying to present a diverse slate of movies so that not just one kind of clientele frequents the theater, but all kinds. One key to this strategy is to show not just Indies, but stuff like Bollywood movies and other movies to try and market to a particular culture in the Birmingham area. It's really a brilliant strategy, but word needs to get out for it to work, so that's sort of what I'm doing. So come to The Edge, where the old Festival 16 was in Irondale, AL, and have a good time.

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