Friday, October 28, 2011

Comic Book Reviews!

Sorry for the long hiatus, it has been a busy few weeks, but I have still been reading many of the latest comics, but since I've missed a week of reviewing, I'm gonna try and do two weeks' worth of reviews in one post! In what I am gonna call, Rapid Fire Reviewing! I've never done this before, so let's see how it goes.

First off, the releases from the week of Oct. 19-25:

Batman #2 - Scott Snyder introduces a new villain that ties in with Gotham City's history and the Wayne family's past, evoking Bruce Wayne's intense detail-oriented mind in revealing internal monologues, proving why he is still the right man to write The Dark Knight. A+!

Justice League #2 - Geoff Johns' voice for Batman still feels uncomfortable, but he is clearly having fun here, with the way he is bringing the JLA together feeling fresh and exciting. B+!

Green Lantern, Corps. #2 - Peter J. Tomasi is one of my favorite writer's in comics, he entertains while putting the pieces together as to who is chopping off the fingers of Green Lanterns and stealing natural resources from unsuspecting planets, but he forsook some of the strong character work from issue #1. B!

Nightwing #2 - I feel no shame in saying Dick Grayson is one of my favorite comic book characters of all-time, and I am really loving Kyle Higgins' run here, delving into Dick's past with the Haly's Circus to take him into the future with tons of action and emotion; not to mention, highly magnificent art, and I rarely say that. A+!

Next, the comic book reviews of this week, Oct 26-Nov. 1:

The Amazing Spider-Man #672 - Dan Slott's hit-and-miss Spider-Island event finally comes to a close here that recaptures some of the magic from the first few issues of the event, while still feeling a bit too focused on the entire Marvel Universe rather than just on Spidey (but hey, MJ's confession of still being in love with Petey at issh end was magnificent). C+!

Superman #2 - While not as strong as the first issue, George Perez continues to show Superman's great wit as he has to outsmart a villain everyone can see but him, making this run entertaining so far, but where is the character development? B+!

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 - Jason Aaron redeems himself here after Schism, with Wolverine back in New York, reopening the school. Wolvie is Headmaster with Kitty Pride as his Headmistress. There is a ton of humor here and some nice focus on the struggles that mutants have in trying to run a school, which manages to find a few unique strides we've never seen before, but the art by Chris Bachalo often jumps around so much in angles that it is disorienting and hard to find your place. A-!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 - I am still waiting for some development in Kyle Rayner's character that has been promised, but this book is so entertaining so far with such a great hook at the end, I wanna read more. B+!

The Incredible Hulk #1 - Since I was so cool on Jason Aaron's Schism, I didn't know what to expect with him writing Hulk, but he has created a great starting point for new readers to come to the Big Green fella. Hulk and Bruce Banner have literally been split in two, with Banner supposedly gone mad according the gov. and they want to enlist the Hulk to stop him. A nice turn of events, showing us how the Hulk actually thinks rather than how Banner thinks. Not to mention the amazing art from Marc Silvestri that keeps the reader focused at all times. Best book of the month! A+!

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