Friday, April 20, 2012

Movie Review: "Lockout"

Lockout is a perfectly harmless sci-fi actioner that features stock character stereotypes of '90s action movies, just this time set in space.  In the future, convicts are cryogenically frozen and stored in a prison orbiting the Earth, but when all of the cons wake up, while the President's daughter is on board (because the story needs a damsel), her only hope is a wrongly convicted man with a John McClane-like quip around every corner, played by Guy Pearce.  Okay, so it's not original, nor is it very deep, but I had fun watching this movie.  Guy Pearce seems to be having a blast here, doing his best Bruce Willis impression, not to mention, some of the action sequences are pretty cool, in particular a zero gravity fight between Pearce and a baddie.  If you like '90s action movies, this movie may do something for you, but don't expect the next Die Hard, because a classic it is not.  The script is cliched, filled with characters and situations you've seen a hundred times over by now, and for a movie made nowadays, the CGI has to be better than what we're presented here.

I give Lockout a D

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