Friday, February 10, 2012

Movie Review: "Take This Waltz"

Take This Waltz is merely a film that just didn't appeal to me from the first frame.  It's offbeat, Indie hipster aesthetic just put me off to the story of a married woman developing a questionable relationship with her good-looking neighbor.  While actress Michelle Williams gives a good performance, as does Seth Rogen as her husband, Take This Waltz was just a huge misfire for me.  It wasn't funny, nor was it all that dramatically interesting.  The story is very similar to made-for-Lifetime movies, with only the cast elevating it slightly above those films.  Take This Waltz is a film that proves, just because it's Indie doesn't mean that it's art.  Films like this just do nothing for me emotionally, leaving me cold.

I give Take This Waltz an F

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