Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Oscar Rant

The Oscars are this Sunday.  To say I look forward to this day every single year would be an understatement.  Some people can't get into the Oscars and I understand, especially if you live anywhere other than one of the major metropolises in our country (where more than half of the films only play).  With that said, I find the Oscars a fun representation of what a collective in the film industry, that I want to work in, think are the best films from that previous year.  While there is a lot of pretentiousness in there, as a whole it's the consensus that rules the day (trust me, the most pretentious stuff doesn't typically win).  As far as it goes, the Academy has a great track record at heralding classic films before they are often even considered such, and that is one of the reasons I find their choices always intriguing.  While I will post my predictions on Sunday, today I wanna rant a little bit about other Oscar pundits and anyone who sees themselves as a bit of a critic.

At this time of the year there are always the ones saying such-and-such will win, but this should win, and then next week the talk will be that this film deserved to win more than this one.  I don't like that talk, because all it does is make you seem bitter.  My favorite movies of the year are rarely even nominated for a single Academy Award, and yet that doesn't stop me from watching.  Here's the thing, if you start doing the whole this deserved to have won card, you're just taking the moment away from that hardworking person who won, who's experiencing the most joyous moment in their career.  Everyone has different opinions, but if you can't accept that your favorite movie or performance of the year didn't win, that doesn't mean the Academy made a bad choice, that just means that as a majority these 6,000 people liked another movie or performance more.  While there are always politics and stuff that goes on, ultimately the movie that wins is the one that most people liked the best, I firmly believe that.  Sure, I may be naive and optimistic about the entertainment industry at times, but I doubt there are really that many people in the Academy who don't take the voting process seriously.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant, and I will be back on Sunday with my Oscar predictions!

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