Monday, January 11, 2016

The Unicellular Review is Changing Call Signs!

For a long time I have felt that the Unicellular Review had kind of transformed into something different than what I initially thought it would be.  Way back when I first started with it, I thought the blog would be my forum to become the next Roger Ebert, but as things happen between the ages of 18 and 25, your world view changes a bit.  I've realized I no longer want to be considered the next Roger Ebert, I am perfectly fine with letting my fanboy obsessions fly above any attempts at pretentiousness or artistry.  So with that said, I have decided to change the name and aim of the Unicellular Review.  The Review will now be known as the Fanboy Review, with an eye towards the worlds of blockbusters, in particular fantasy, science fiction, and adventure movies.

In short, the reason for this is because blockbusters are the kinds of movies I most enjoy, and I often tend to give them a fairer shake than other kinds of reviewers.  In a great many ways, while there are a lot of websites and blogs devoted to geeks and fanboys, there really aren't a lot that strive to keep pretentiousness out of the equation.  Even great sites like Ign occasionally get a little too picky for my liking in their reviews.  In truth, I think all most people wanna know is if the movie that they wanna see is a good movie worth their ten dollars per ticket or not.  Majority of people could care less if the cinematography was good or the writing clever, all they want is to be entertained and know whether the movie in question actually entertains or is boring.  So that is why I have changed the name and main goals of this blog, and truthfully this is not a sudden u-turn for me, this has been something that has been coming for a long time.

For pretty much most of the Unicellular Review's existence, 95% of what I posted was all about fanboy movies, and now I'm just making it clear that covering and reviewing fanboy movies is the primary aim of the blog.  With that said, as I say in the new "About Us" section, I am still going to do everything just as I always have, just under a new name that I feel is more appropriate for what the blog actually is.  So welcome to the Fanboy Review!!!

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