Thursday, August 19, 2010

A "Fair Game"

One movie that came out of Cannes, Fair Game, not only seemed to have possible awards potential, but box office potential. The trailer for Fair Game hit the internet today, gearing up its marketing campaign for its release in the thick of awards season. The movie is about a CIA Agent blacklisted by the people who sign her paychecks and the media blitz that ensues deriding her of her secret identity. It actually looks extremely intriguing and might have some actual meat to the bone for actress Naomi Watts (this kind of seems to just be a phone in for Sean Penn). While I think this movie does have awards potential, anything beyond Watts for a potential Best Actress nod may be wishful thinking, but if the US critics accept the movie better than the foreign critics of Cannes (which is very often what does happen with more populist fare), then possibly the movie itself. Regardless, this looks very entertaining:

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