Friday, April 1, 2011

"Smallvile" Top 10 - Number 8

A new Friday, one more week closer to the finale of Smallville, meaning another episode in my countdown in the 10 Best Episodes of Smallville of All-Time. This week, it's time for number 8:


"Savior" from Season 9

The season 9 premiere is quite possibly my favorite season premiere in the show's history. The way season 8 ended, with the defeat of Doomsday at the cost of Jimmy Olson's life, and Tess Mercer finally unlocking the secrets of the Kryptonian Orb, unleashing General Zod (only a Major at this point in his career) and his Kandorian Army on Earth, was just the right kind of cliffhanger to keep any true fan enthused over a Summer long break, and thankfully "Savior" managed to satisfyingly scratch the itch.

In "Savior" we see a Metropolis, three months removed from when Clark walked out on Chloe, forsaking his human side for his Kryptonian. Since that time, Clark has been up in the Fortress of Solitude, training, all the while saving the citizens of Metropolis from the shadows, simply known now as the Blur (getting rid of the kinda cheesy Red-and-Blue part). What was so smart about this episode is how the showrunners introduce the classic "S"-shield on Clark's chest, but also give the Blur an insignia to let the citizens of Metropolis know when he saved them, by using his heat vision to burn the "S"-shield onto walls, like a calling card.

What made this such a powerful episode is that the showrunners didn't rectify all of the cliffhangers from Season 8 in this one episode, leaving some tension throughout the story, and allowing this one episode to feel full and not rushed. We do not get re-introduced to a certain character till it feels absolutely necessary, and so when Clark finally shows up about five minutes into the episode, you cheer when he catches the derailed train, saving Lois in the process.

Speaking of Lois, "Savior" is one of the finest episodes of all-time for taking another bold step forward in the Clark/Superman/Lois love triangle, having the wonderful scene where Lois calls out into the night for the Blur to talk to her, or at the end when the Blur calls Lois on the phone, ending on such a romantic note. Overall, this is just one solid episode that is hard to fully sum up in a few paragraphs.

Chloe and Clark's relationship is on the rocks, when Clark refuses to use the Legion ring to go back in time and save Jimmy. Major Zod assumes leadership over his Kandorian Army, in a fantastic scene where his soldiers kneel before him, washing out the bad taste of the Lex Luthor-Zod hybrid from Season 6. Not to mention, the idea of Lois going a year into the future upon touching the Legion ring, only to return with amnesia, chased by a ninja Kryptonian, was a nice story touch that plays out throughout the rest of Season 9. Clark is supposed to be the reason the world will end in one year's time, but why? This and other questions are what this rogue Kryptonian from the future proposes to Clark, leading to an awesome fight sequence in the barn to cap off the episode.


Tune in next Friday for Number 7 in my countdown of the 10 Best Episodes of Smallville of All-Time!

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