Monday, July 26, 2010

The Best of Comic-Con

Not getting to go to Comic-Con is quite a bummer, but lo and behold in this day and age of vast technology, of the internet and television, I feel as if I've had the full Comic-Con experience aside from the sweaty nerd smell and getting to see all of the exclusive movie clips in the highly guarded panels. Regardless, I've gotten the full gist of Comic-Con, and fan reactions to these clips of the upcoming blockbusters are almost more important in many cases than the clips themselves in solidifying one's own opinion on how a particular movie is shaping up.

To me, all the hype about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is lost on me, same goes, surprisingly, for The Avengers. We all knew it was gonna have a presence at the Con, so why do you feel the need to wet yourself? I'm more intrigued about what I've heard from Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor from the Con. I've been looking forward to seeing Cap on the big screen for some time, and all I've heard has neither made me more excited, but has not made me any less excited. As for Thor, Marvel did a good job with their recent slew of interviews and photos from the upcoming movie, increasing my anticipation for a movie about a superhero whom I've never cared that much for.

The new Simon Pegg & Nick Frost movie, Paul, sounds fun but nothing new to add that we didn't know before the Con, and same kinda goes for Tron Legacy, which the latest trailer still blew my socks off, but we knew most of what we learned months ago. While I'm still skeptical about Cowboys & Aliens, the surprise appearance of Harrison Ford at the Con made me green with envy. Speaking of green, the obvious winner of the Con for me was Green Lantern.

After seeing the first few production stills of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, I had started to warm up to him, but after reading descriptions of the footage shown at the panel and of fan reactions, not to mention the interviews conducted with cast and crew, I'm now sold on this movie 100%! I love Green Lantern, so I hope the movie does him justice, which I'm feeling much better about now. I think the real moment that made me realize that Ryan Reynolds could pull this off was when he recited the Green Lantern oath at the panel, and the amount of conviction in his words shows why he was chosen for the part. Check out this video below of Reynolds reciting the oath:

And that's it for Comic-Con. Till next year when I might be able to go in person, though not likely unless I become super rich between now and then.

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