Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Happens After the Explosion? Lost-Season 6 Sneak Peek!

Television's LOST is easily one of the greatest TV Shows of all-time. Since the start of the 4th Season, it has been known that the show would end with Season Six, with the producers giving a definitive end date to the show. Ever since then the show has been propelling towards its conclusion, and come this Tuesday at 8/7 central, the questions will finally start to be answered.

One of the big questions many LOST fans have harbored since the Season Five finale in May of last year, is what happens after Juliet explodes the nuke at the bottom of the shaft? A bright light and nearly 8 months later, we will now know, but why wait till Tuesday to know what happens immediately following the blast? Check out this clip of the first four minutes of Tuesday night's premiere, released by ABC themselves. Be forewarned, if you're wanting to avoid spoilers, turn away now. I've gotta say, after seeing this I'm extremely intrigued to see what happens next, of course I can't say that I didn't predict this, because what's happened after the blast is pretty much what I thought would happen. Anyways, here it is:


  1. So, they survived the bump and land in LA?

  2. Well, the plane hasn't landed just yet. But it's safe to assume that's what happens. The question now is, what's next? Do they somehow have to return to the island in some way shape or form, cause I can't see them all leaving the island.