Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writing on the Go

Imagine, you're on a plane. You just got this one in a million idea that will make your latest screenplay really pop, and you didn't bring your laptop cause your bag didn't have enough room. But alas, you just happen to have your iphone with you. You simply pull it out, boot up the new Screenplay app, and start writing.

No longer do us screenwriters have to lug around our laptops to write a screenplay, you can now write one anywhere at anytime from the comforts of your iphone or ipod touch. Black Mana Studios has a Screenplay app available on the Apple App Store, available for download for a measly price of $8.

I learned about this revolution in the most recent issue of Creative Screenwriting, where it shed a light onto this awesome little app. While the goal of this app is not to replace your $200 Final Draft software on your computer, it is compatible with every major screenwriting software currently in use, including Celtx and Final Draft. What this means is if you happen to get an idea for a scene whilst out and about and are nowhere near your computer, you can just whip out your iphone, and just like writing out a text message, can write up an entire scene right then and there. As a matter fact, it is entirely possible, if you really liked your iphone a lot, to write an entire script on your iphone, and when you're done import it to your computer, and you have a professionally formatted screenplay that you could print out and shoot.

The biggest drawback is the fact that you are far away from the comfort of your large computer keyboard compared to the mini-touch screen that the iphone employs, and even though this is quite a steal for only $8, if you intended to write an entire script on this software you would be so doing without all of the bells-and-whistles that you pay 200 bucks for with Final Draft, or even get for free by downloading Celtx on your laptop. Regardless, I do believe this app could be the revolution in screenwriting.

As a screenwriter, nothing is more frustrating than having an amazing idea or a marvelous exchange of dialogue and then forgetting it before you can get to your computer that night and write it. With this app, it is now possible to simply write down your sudden impulses whilst stuck in traffic, picking up groceries, or waiting for class. This really changes the game for screenwriters, allowing us more freedom, and ultimately more creativity, being able to pretty much streamline our ideas on the fly without having them diluted or erased entirely by that horrid possessor of evil, time. I've already downloaded the app onto my iphone and played around with it, and in all actuality, it works exceedingly well, and for $8, if you're a screenwriter and have an iphone or ipod touch, I think it's pretty stupid not to invest.

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