Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trailer Rush: Everybody's Fine

Few film actors have managed to have as long of a career as Robert DeNiro. Not just that he still manages to make successful films, even in his older age. I greatly admire DeNiro as an actor, which is why I was so intrigued by the trailer for his latest film, Everybody's Fine. Within this film DeNiro plays a father of three adult children, who all cancel at the last the minute to come to his house for Christmas, so DeNiro decides to surprise each of his children and visit them instead. Take a look at the trailer:

This film looks to be very charming. DeNiro seems to be playing against type here, portraying the nice, warm and fuzzy guy, which seems to be a welcome change. Not only that the film has a terrific supporting cast, in particular Sam Rockwell. Now while some are calling this role from DeNiro an awards worthy turn, I'd say an Oscar nod isn't very likely, simply because they tend to overlook films like this, but I definitely see a potential Golden Globe nomination here.

Overall it looks to be a very heartfelt film, one that many cynics will not enjoy, but I want to see this film when it's released.

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