Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trailer Rush: Avatar (Trailer 2)

James Cameron is one of those guys on the forefront of film technology. His latest film, Avatar, utilizes brand new 3-D motion capture technology that is supposedly going to change how movies are made. The film has been highly anticipated for some time, we even highlighted the first trailer for the film a few months back. A new trailer for the film has hit the net. Check it out:

Wow! That's my first reaction after seeing this one.

The first trailer really left me underwhelmed, it really kind of turned me off of this movie. I had been highly anticipating it along with the rest, and after seeing the first trailer I just couldn't get what had everyone in the industry so excited about. Now after seeing this trailer, seeing the actual avatars in full on action, seeing how the motion capture technology blends perfectly with the actor's performance, my anticipation has shot sky high once more regarding this film. I will definitely be lining up with the rest of the geeks come December 18th.

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