Sunday, November 15, 2009

(500) Days and the Academy?

I've been fairly satisfied with many of the films I've seen this year. One of the finest was the indie-hit (500) Days of Summer. It was a romantic comedy told with a hip swagger that appealed more so to the guys in the audience than the women.

Up till now any Oscar talk for this film has been merely for Best Original Screenplay, but I was thinking, with the recent failure of Amelia, could that be what (500) Days needs to get into the Best Picture race?

Both (500) Days of Summer and Amelia were released by Fox Searchlight. After Amelia was panned by critics and failed to make it at the box office, Fox Searchlight's biggest Oscar contender was out for the count, thus opening up the race for one of their other films to get the Oscar push instead of Amelia. Out of all the other films Fox Searchlight has released this year, the one that has the best shot with the Oscars is (500) Days of Summer. It actually makes sense as well. It is one of the more successful indie releases of the year, and it was well-received by critics (in particular Roger Ebert gave it four stars), so why not this film for Best Picture?

Fox Searchlight has a good track record with the Oscars, from Little Miss Sunshine to last year's winner, Slumdog Millionaire. Now with 10 nominees and Amelia out of the picture, (500) Days of Summer might have a shot at Best Picture glory.

Even if this doesn't pan out, the film is still one of the frontrunners for Best Original Screenplay, so it is very likely for it to still get a nomination there, and possibly even a win. Of course this is all speculation, I have no clue what Fox Searchlight plans to do in terms of the Oscars, this is just my own two cents.

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