Monday, November 23, 2009

TV Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 7

Larry David's HBO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is one of the last things that us Seinfeld fans can still hold onto, but alas after seven seasons the show seems to finally be showing its age.

The seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was really a hodge-podge of mediocre to okay episodes filled with many uncomfortable moments and the occasional moments of high hilarity channeling the show's best from seasons past.

The story this season all revolved around Larry agreeing to put on a Seinfeld reunion show in a ploy to win back Cheryl, because he offered her a role in the new show. As well, Larry managed to get rid of the Black family of last season, but Leon stayed behind and remained at Larry's, leading to some of the funnier moments of the season.

As a whole, while it was exciting to see the Seinfeld gang back together again, I just was expecting more from this season. I really felt like the moments between Jerry and Larry were filled with a great many of missed opportunities, after all it is these guys that essentially were Seinfeld, but I guess lightning striking twice is a true rarity. Also, this season just kind of went way over-the-top. While Curb has always been known for some of its bizarre, yet funny storylines in the past, this season they just took it way farther than it probably needed to go, resulting in a great many moments that were more uncomfortable than funny.

Even still, the season had some stand out moments that reminded me as to why I continue to watch the show, like when Larry tried to break up with Loretta or when he killed the black swan on the country club or the time when Larry and Jerry didn't want to scoot over at the dinner to let Richard Lewis sit down. But the show just lacked many of the key elements that made it hilarious in the past. There was little to no Ted Danson this season, Jeff and Susie were used in a very limited capacity, and Richard Lewis was only in one or two episodes total. Looking back at this season, it was just a season of a bunch of missed opportunities.

I give Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 7 a C-!

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